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Job Family: Security
Updated At: 2019-12-04


Weatherford is one of the largest multinational oilfield service companies providing innovative solutions, technology and services to the oil and gas industry. The Company operates in more than 80 countries and has a network of 620 locations, including manufacturing, service, research and development, and training facilities and employs more than 24,000 people. For more information, visit and connect with Weatherford on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Job Definition:


The Security Director EH is responsible for directing, managing and administering a multi-cultural and inclusive EH GZ and/or Country Weatherford (WFT) security management team maximizing development opportunities for all team members. In addition, work with security colleagues providing advice and guidance to deliver a consistent physical security product EH wide. The position requires strong strategic, tactical and analytical thinking and a major breadth and depth of experience in security in conjunction with commercial acumen. Responsible for strategic planning and management of risk throughout the EH. Designs and develops operational risk strategy to ensure that risks are managed to the best economic advantage of the company.  Will implement and manage the Global security risk financing strategy. Establish working relationships with clients to ensure the effective management of WFT EH GZs. Provides operational risk reports for the VP Global Security & Resilience to provide to Board/Executive/Audit Committees.

The Security Director EH covers seven EH GZs encompassing over 50+ countries that contain a range of facilities and/or business units. Based between Dubai and/or a location within EH, with a geography remit for the Eastern Hemisphere as defined by Weatherford operations.  This is a non-rotational role.



1. Performs as the subject-matter-expert regarding Weatherford’s EH security management systems and programs.

2. Ensures applicable WFT security regulations, policies and standards are fully implemented, communicated and sustained across all areas of responsibility.

3. Directs auditing and assessment program(s) to ensure compliance with WFT security policies and standards, as well as EH GZs, country regulatory and client requirements.

4. Directs the investigations of security related incidents and non-conformance to approved WFT security requirements; ensures corrective actions taken by GZs or county security staff are implemented and effective.

5. Ensures the security organization performs as a strategic partner to business units, product lines and support functions in EH GZ regions and is included in all potential bids and contract planning.

6. Provides guidance to senior GZ WFT management and staff regarding development, implementation and sustainment of security systems and programs.

7. Directs, develops and assists to manage provided GZ security annual budgets to ensure adequate resources are available for sustainment and improvement of the security function.

8. Provides input to GZ operations management regarding resources, security budget forecasts and cost benefit analyses that support implementation of corrective/preventive actions requiring capital expenditures.

9. Ensure WFT Security Managers review tenders to determine security requirements and assist where required; provide Weatherford policies, standards, work instructions, SOPs, and forms; advise on the preparation of bridging documents and contractor management plans (as required).

10. Tracks legislative changes and ensures the Management of Change (MOC) process is used to update all applicable security policies and standards.

11. Ensures performance management appraisals are conducted for security professionals across all areas of EH responsibility.

12. Ensures all applicable security training is available and conducted by security personnel within their GZ or country areas of responsibility.

13. Advise the EH GZ VPs or designee on all security matters as required.

14. Report to the VP Global Security & Resilience on all urgent EH security matters.

15. Provide a brief monthly overview report to the VP Global Security & Resilience on all EH security related intelligence, incidents and activities.

16. Ensure company security policy, procedures and plans are implemented and maintained at GZ level, including the production and maintenance of GZ or Country specific documents.

17. Provide effective security and political analysis at Eastern Hemisphere level to help inform the President EH and GZ VPs in the pursuit or maintenance of new or existing business opportunities, to minimize negative effects on business interests in both long and short term.

18. Provide advice and direction to all GZ VPs to safeguard Weatherford personnel and business interests from security and political risks.

19. Direct GZ Security to collate and disseminate reports to GZVPs and PLMs where necessary.

20. Direct GZ or country security managers to conduct security risk assessments of facilities and operations (both existing and prospective), utilizing the Weatherford Security Risk Assessment process.

21. Direct GZ or country security managers to assess client security plans and procedures if WFT personnel, assets and/or operations are covered by the client’s security plan/arrangements.

22. Oversee the selection of GZ security contractors through competitive bid processes, ensuring Weatherford’s bid procedure and due diligence processes are followed.

23. Maintain EH contacts and information networks and attend meetings with other corporate security professionals to ensure Weatherford remains fully informed of the security picture in the EH

24. Establish a working relationship with key WFT senior EH business managers to ensure all security needs and risks are identified and explored with a view to providing innovative, creative and cost-efficient mitigation plans. Manage those relationships to add value to GZs or country knowledge to identify potential future events that may have an impact on the GZs or country locations and business to maintain strong and working relationships with other support functions (Human Resources, IT, Assurance Audit Team, Legal and Compliance, Global Resiliency, Global Crisis Management & Business Continuity, Global Real Estate/Visual Lease, and Corporate Communications) thereby ensuring all respective responsibilities are maximized to the best benefit of WFT employees, businesses and buildings.

25. Review submitted SRM SRAs and WPTS CPARs, conduct L2 -16 Organizational security audits of EH Weatherford locations.

26.  Direct EH GZ or country security staff to conduct or assign SRAs as part of Visual Lease property leasing or renewals process for (ATL) routing system, ensuring GL-WFT-OEPS-L2-16 Organizational Security Standard, and Weatherford General Facility Security Requirements (GL-WFT-HR-L4-03) and other applicable security documents are utilised.

27. Via WFT Associate General Counsel – Investigations, direct GZ or country security staff to conduct Listen Up (Ethics Point) investigations; or assist in such cases in liaison with VP Global Security and Resilience.

28. Act as Security lead for MENA GZDEM -T in Abu Dhabi or designate one MENA GZ Security Manager to do so remotely during DEM events.

29. Administer EH Security staff BPM/ ATL/ TRF/AFE/VPS/GOA/GPA/Non-PO routings/Expense forms/P-CARD/CPARs/POI requests/MBP & MERIT increases and other administrative requirements as part of the role.

30. Monitor and forward Travel Tracker (TT) reports to EH GZ Security staff for action

31. Provide Inquiron (POB) information in liaison with High Risk Journey Management, Manager




  • Advanced skills at Microsoft Office
  • Critical thinking/reasoning/analytical and organizational abilities
  • Ability to collaborate with others and have excellent team building skills
  • Ability to attend to detail and work in a time-conscious and time-effective manner
  • Excellent presentation, communication and facilitation skills and the ability to communicate effectively with senior staff and large groups of people
  • Sound understanding and practical application of financial and human resource processes
  • Be proactive
  • Comprehensive knowledge of:
  1. Security risk management
  2. Physical security
  3. Personnel security
  4. Security investigations
  5. Crisis/DEM management
  6. Information security
  • Formal qualification in security and/or risk management
  • Fluency in English language (written & verbal)
  • Previous experience in commercial security roles (10 years minimum)
  • Previous experience operating in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region (5 years minimum) and greater EH geographies.
  • Relevant employment history (military, law enforcement, government intelligence, corporate security) – in internationally deployed capacities
  • Fluency in host country or other regional language(s)

























  • Physical ability and willingness to respond to emergency situations
  • Ability to travel globally (short duration) minus Visa restrictions