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Updated At: 2020-01-09

This job posting is no longer active


  •  Carry out the organization and leadership of the base.

• Monitors the performance of tasks technical staff

• Organizes and supervises the process of loading / unloading, storage, repair, maintenance, accounting, service equipment.

• Provides custom parts and assemblies for the timely repair of equipment and service equipment.

• strictly enforce the requirements of the rules of safety, fire safety and sanitation;

• Immediately take steps to address all deficiencies identified in the course of work

• Acquisition of equipment, tools, fixtures and accessories necessary for safe operations;

To monitor the health, availability and certification dates for the maintenance and testing of equipment entrusted to him, tools, lifting devices, slings, tools, fences, etc.

Control the operation of the forklift and assigned to the base vehicle, to monitor the observance of the terms of service of services and organize schedule repair techniques.

Ensure the safe performance of work assigned to him

- Availability of and demand for personal protective equipment (PPE);

- The timing of the passage of public inspection, maintenance, making repairs, extending the powers of attorney for use in motor vehicles for official purposes;

- The need for training, certification, and obtain licenses, which give the right to participate in the work with increased risk;

Participate with safety engineer in the preparation and updating of regulations on labor protection.