Jam Lab Supervisor

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Location: LUANDA, Angola
Job Family: Laboratory
Updated At: 2019-11-21

This job posting is no longer active


TRS Jam Lab Supervisor

Job Description

Basic Function  

Supervise Torque/ Turn recording system ( Casing and Tubing) makeup Graphs and test activities as per Customer’s and company requirements ,  ensure that the assigned equipment is in best working condition and fit for purpose, supervision and control the Jam equipment  requirements are met for all work that is carried out , ensure that all JAM technicians are aware of relevant work instructions and procedures, pertaining of Weatherford  Integrated management system manual. Also assist resolving the Jam graphs misunderstand between Customs & Weatherford, including lead all the bucking job activity and related requested by the customers.


Jam Lab Supervisor Responsibilities:


  • Service and maintain the companies Electrical/Electronic Torque/Turn recording Systems.
  • Service and maintain the bucking unit hardware and software.
  • Supervise the TRS backing service require by the customers and provide the bucking report in timely manner.   
  • Service and supervise the fault finding, inspection and repairing electrical/electronic Jam equipment including calibration and service of all associated tools & equipment.
  • Responsibilities for incoming and outgoing inspections, maintenance and calibration of Jam equipment
  • Make recommendations for purchase of parts required for the proper maintenance of assigned equipment.
    Complete all documentation and accurately report all maintenance repairs, adjustments and inspections carried out on equipment.
  • Ordering of spare parts & equipment as and when required.
    Service and maintenance of the Electrical/Electronic parts of the companies Bucking Unit.
  • Service and maintenance of the Electrical/Electronic parts of the companies Jam torque graphs.
  • Elaborate Monthly report of the rig job graphs in monthly basis.  
  • Travel to the Rig Site to run or fault-find and repair equipment, as and when required.
    Conduct JAMPro Operator trainings for the local personnel.


Jam Lab Supervisor Requirements:

  • A Bachelor's degree in a Business-related field
  • Speak and write fluently English
  • Strong technical knowledge of tubular running service equipment and procedure.
  • Good computer skills and the ability to use business support software.
  • Good resource planning skills.
  • Strong teamwork skills and attention to detail.
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