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Location: LUANDA, Angola
Job Family: Field operations
Updated At: 2019-11-08



Supervise the operation of power and handling equipment within client’s time specification in compliance with Weatherford Tubular Running Service Competence Assurance System to maintain integrity of the client’s wells.


Supervise and actively ensure power and handling equipment are properly maintained at work site within client’s time specification and in compliance with Weatherford Tubular Running.

Service Competence Assurance System to allow equipment to be operational on location.

Supervise or perform casing and tubing stabbing duties from the rig stabbing board; including pipe alignment, stabbing, signaling the Driller and operating handling tools to avoid damage to pipe during make-up operations.

Working in a safe and efficient manner to maintain a constant rate of pipe delivery in compliance with Weatherford Tubular Running, Service Competence Assurance System to maintain integrity of the client’s wells

Supervise operations and operate power and handling equipment in a safe and efficient manner to maintain an optimum, consistent and safe rate of pipe delivery (Internal/External customers), in accordance with approved industry standards, safety and quality procedures, legislation and within the scope of the technician’s qualifications and competencies to meet customer’s work requirements

Communicate with operations office daily or as instructed to provide operations update and receive job and check-in details. Additionally, attend pre and post job briefings as instructed to ensure the communication of issues and information is facilitated.

Additionally, to attend industry and company training as instructed and required by Company, industry or clients.

Other auxiliary offshore duties such as cleaning of tongs, stowing of hoses and other housekeeping/maintenance duties in a safe manner as directed and supervised by the Crew Chief, provided the instruction is reasonable and you are capable and deemed competent to fulfil these

Report all hazards and unsafe acts

Ensure third party compliance.

Understand the basics and functionality of Manual handling equipment, Power Equipment, Thread Monitoring Systems.

Supervise and document all Pre-Job equipment checks for operations and ensure fit for purpose

Maintain good standard of housekeeping practices in the workplace.

Supervise the rig up & down Casing and Tubing Running Equipment following TRS Work Instructions and procedures

Support the Well Site Supervisor with scheduled and unscheduled operations plan Well Site Services according to requirements




Computer skills – Word/Excel/Outlook.

Ability to maintain the highly confidential nature of human resources work.

Tact, bove average communication skills, ability to work effectively with both employees and managers.

Ability to convey a positive and professional image to applicants and employees.

Must be conscientious and detail oriented.

Ability to organize and prioritize work.

Computer literate.

Good analytical skills.

5 - 7 years’ experience.