Job Family: Field operations
Updated At: 2019-10-06


Job description:


 M/LWD Engineer

Place of employment: Abu Dhabi Branch of Weatherford LLC


Legal entity: Weatherford Bin Hamooda


MLWD  Engineer based out of Abu Dhabi, UAE will be tasked with many responsibilities and duties relating to Drilling Services Operations for ASE GeoZone. Role will include but is not limited to around-the-clock technical support, control and support of MLWD operations to improve service delivery, compliance to standard operating procedures and reduce NPT. The engg would be responsible for providing M/LWD services from a remote location or a rig sit and would be monitoring the M/LWD tools outputs & providing customer deliverables properly and successfully.


3.1  Must have extensive knowledge of Weatherford M/LWD tools and surface equipment operating    procedures. Engineer will be expected to remotely control rig site computer operating system and hold 12-hour tour as if present at rig site.

3.2  Responsible for the operation of the LWD field surface software.

3.3Responsible for ensuring that operational specifications (limits) of the downhole M/LWD tools are not exceeded.

  1. Responsible for quality of field reports.
  2. Responsible for the data quality provided to customer.
  3. Provide service deliverables internally and to our customers.
  4. Work with field engineers in identifying and evaluating inefficiencies in operation.
  5. Participate in field incident root cause analysis.


  1. Responsible for tool troubleshooting, signal detection, log maintenance & hole depth    

              maintenance during LWD operations.

3.10        Hold up to 4 remote rig site tours when required.

3.11        RO Specialist to be highly competent in M/WD software / standard operating procedures.

3.12        Responsible for providing technical support, configuration and monitoring of real-time data  

              from well site systems.

3.13        Demonstrate a personal commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment.

a)            a safe and healthy workplace for all employees;

b)            enforcing all safety precautions and practices;

c)            promoting safe work practices;

3.14        Know and understand Weatherford’s Enterprise Excellence Process and the Quality Policy and

              comply with all requirements of the Quality Systems Manual, Operating and Technical

             Procedures and Workplace Instructions.

3.15        Must understand and comply with all safety rules and company policies of Weatherford.        



Min 2 years of MLWD experience