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Job Family: Engineering
Updated At: 2019-08-15



 Responsible, under the direction of the Katy Wireline Engineering / R&D Director for ensuring that Electrical designs and documentation for Wireline products and services meet the required quality standards, by planning, coordinating and controlling the design and development of new, or modification of existing products to meet actual or anticipated future customer needs.   



Manages and coordinates activities of Electrical Engineering Department in regard to the electrical design, testing, sustaining, and documentation package for Wireline products designed and supported by the Katy Wireline R&D Group.

Provide direction on technical projects including selection, technology and design.

Assists with development of engineering work plans, such as requirements, and applications that can be utilized from findings, costs project, and equipment and manpower requirements.

Reviews and analyzes designs and proposals submitted to determine if benefits derived and possible applications justify expenditures.

Approves and submits proposals considered feasible to management for consideration and allocation of funds or allocates funds from department budget.

Develops and implements methods and procedures for monitoring projects and engineering work, such as preparation of documentation, research findings, progress reports, and staff conferences, in order to inform management of current status of each project.  Acts as administrator for the Wireline context of the PDM system.

Provide technical support to field operations and other company officials.

Management of technical personnel within Electrical Engineering department.

With assistance of HR, recruit, hire, train staff, evaluate employee performance, and recommend or initiate promotions, transfers and disciplinary action.

Know and understand Weatherford Quality Policy and company with all requirement of the Quality System Manual, Operating and Technical Procedures and Workplace Instructions.

Must understand, comply with and enforce all safety rules and company policies.

Perform various other duties assigned by supervisor within the physical constraints of the job.



Excellent electrical engineering technical competencies; such as circuit design (power supply, low noise amplifier, magnetics, digital acquisition, FPGA, communication protocols, higher temperature, etc… ), control systems, firmware development and documentation for  microprocessors, FPGA’s and DSP, thermal management, and packaging.

Excellent understanding of the electrical technical documentation required for manufacturing to be able to build and for operations to be able to run.

Excellent understanding of electronics design and qualification for high temperature

Excellent understanding of electronics design for reliability, testability, and manufacturability

Excellent understanding of cost benefit analysis and trade-off analysis common for circuit design and analysis.

Excellent knowledge of the Electrical Engineering Analysis techniques such as worst case analysis, circuit simulation, control analysis, etc…

Good understanding of project management methods and techniques

Good written and oral communication skills.

Knowledge of oilfield industry in multiple segments

Expert knowledge of Wireline electrical systems and downhole electronics.

Proven innovator

Good management skills such as holding personnel reviews, organized work, scheduling and costing with accuracy.

Exhibit leadership and can make effective, reliable and appropriate decisions and judgements without supervision or assistance.

Ability to work well with all levels of personnel.


Minimum Requirements

Minimum 7 years engineering experience.

B.S degree in electrical engineering and advanced degree in electrical engineering preferred.