Job Family: Field operations
Updated At: 2019-09-06

This job posting is no longer active


·To ensure that suitably qualified Weatherford personnel are always present in the Mud Logging unit during well operations

·Promote new techniques and activities in order to increase potential markets and stay ahead of competition.  Be aware of Weatherford’s capabilities and ensure client in the field is made aware of potential services/techniques.

·Perform or supervise the collection of cuttings samples, from the proper lagged depths and at the proper intervals as required for evaluation.

· Wash and screen samples, divide them into correct portions, and pack them by sets for the Client, partners and trade.

·Examine and describe samples as per oil industry standards and client’s specifications.  Descriptions are to be performed in order for Weatherford to provide an independent evaluation of the well.

·Evaluate all samples for the presence of hydrocarbon shows.

·Closely monitor gas levels, lag time and drilling parameters, and report any anomalies to the appropriate persons for action.

·Monitor and evaluate all data in order to identify abnormal indications of unforseen or hazardous events, inform the relevant drilling personnel of potential dangers, indications of drilling assembly wear/failure, etc.

·Assist in core recovery and description as required.

·Assist in well test operations and sampling as required.

·Assist the client in the control of drilling operations by inputting geological information to the best of the operator’s ability.

·Establish an accurate and comprehensive Log as per client’s format.

·Provide all interested parties with regular and timely reports based on geological and drilling data.

·Notify well site personnel of any anticipated or observed drilling problems related to geology.

·Annotate daily instrument charts clearly and correctly, and organize them for later use by the client

·Update all logs requested by client on at least a daily basis

·Submit daily reports concerning geological and drilling parameters to the Client representative, as well as any other requested reports or documents.

·Ensure all information required to complete the final well report is identified, monitored, recorded, and available on time for inclusion into the final report.

·Correctly fill out any Monthly or Weekly Report and dispatch it to the base by the first of the following month for correct Client billing.  Ensure Monthly Activity report is completed correctly.

·Keep in regular contact with the local base to report the current work situation and discuss possible problems in the field.

·Keep in mind the basic concept of service; ensure that all tasks performed for the Client meet or exceed the customer’s and Weatherford’s standards.


  • 1-3 years of experience in the field of mudlogging, showing competence in well monitoring, sample descriptions and generation of Lithology Log
  • Good communication skills.
  • Competent in Microsoft Office
  • Have adequate knowledge of basic oilfield familiarization
  • Have adequate knowledge of basic hardware maintenance