Field Operations Supervisor

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Updated At: 2019-08-08

This job posting is no longer active


Has responsibility for total operations performance and to plan, oversees the actual work of a team, preparing, installing or running equipment. Does not go to the field, does not collect a field bonus Minimum oversees a process or a business activity that require regular monitoring of work activity; assigning and/or delegating individuals to schedules; moving assets / resources, administering policies and/or procedures across staff areas; interacting with multiple parties to organize activities / people. Compiles reports concerning progress of work and utilization of machines and equipment.


Skills & Knowledge:

  • Strong operational and technical skills; Extensive equipment and product knowledge
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills;
  • Good customer and employee interpersonal skills
  • General computer knowledge
  • Problem solving, decision making and leadership skills;
  • Minimum 6-8+ years operational experience including 4-5 years coordinator experience with High School Diploma or Equivalent



1) Adhere to Safety procedure and policies in accordance with Weatherford Safety Management System including:

  • Active participation in workshop safety and toolbox meetings.
  • Report all hazard and unsafe acts.
  • Ensure that, Tong Operators and TRS equipment complies with customer and Weatherford’s safety requirement.
  • Ensure that all Personnel actively promote positive safety culture.

2) Adhere to quality procedure and policies in accordance with Weatherford Quality Assurance Manual and System including:-

  • Ensure equipment is maintained as per the equipment manual and functioning when transported to customer’s site.
  • Raise corrective action for all non-conformances.
  • Ensure all maintenance and movement is documented as per work instruction.
  • Ensure that all copies of offshore reports are properly filled and submitted in a timely manner.
  • Identify and improve areas that require improvement.
  • Ensure competency of Tong Operator by giving adequate training and identify training needs. All training record, review and material are to be properly filed.
  • Submit a monthly report to the Base Manager on equipment, personnel performance and offshore activities including competitor’s equipment, personnel performance and activities.

 3) Perform workshop duties, including:

  •  Asist the Warehouse Foreman in the Repair and maintenance of equipment in a cost-effective manner and all maintenance record are updated.
  • Assist the Warehouse Foreman to ensure there is sufficient spare parts and reliable inventory system.
  • Maintain good housekeeping practice.
  • To organise Tong Operators to be available for urgent requirement at the base or offshore during weekends or holidays.
  • To work in a TEAM with the Base Manager, Warehouse Foreman, Jam Supervisor, Materials / Logistic Co-ordinator and the QHSE Co-ordinator in resolving any setbacks on quality or safety.

4) Bucking Operation.

  • Ensure Personnel are properly trained for bucking job and that all Weatherford and customer’s procedure is followed.
  • Co-ordinate with the Base Manager and customer on Weatherford's performance so as to provide quality service.
  • Ensure logbook and Service Ticket is accurately filled for future reference and billing.
  • Ensure bucking equipment is properly maintained and records are updated.

5) Offshore duties.

6)To perform as a replacement Tong Operator, Stabber of Torque/Turn Operator at customers site if necessary.

7)To evaluate performance and compliance of Field Personnel and Weatherford equipment at offshore location.

8) To assist management in resolving customer complains or inquire.

9) To ensure preventive maintenance is done and records updated at offshore location

10) To assure the implementation of related QHSE policy and procedures.

11) Performs other duties which may be assigned by the supervisor.