WORKSHOP TECHNICIAN FRE / Слесарь-ремонтник по ремонту нефтепромыслового оборудования

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Updated At: 2019-06-13

This job posting is no longer active




  1. Position of WORKSHOP TECHNICIAN FRE is established for equipment servicing and preparation in the workshop and base, boxing and equipment preparation for shipment to the project, receiving equipment from the project and unboxing, checking, preparation for inspection, repair etc.


    1. Ensure equipment is maintained as per the equipment manual and are functioning prior to start of jobs. Inform FRE Workshop Supervisor for all non-compliance.
    2. Ensure all maintenance and movements of the equipment are documented and reported/kept properly.
    3. Assist FRE Workshop Supervisor in loading out of jobs as required
    4. Assist in the inventory counts of both assets and consumables as required
    5. Operate and be responsible for the use of overhead crane and forklift as required
    6. To ensure preventive maintenance is done and records updated at workshop location, including ordering and maintaining spare parts inventory.
    7. To check in equipment upon return and establish what needs to be inspected and maintenance
    8. Complete required reporting and paperwork as required.
    9. Assist with customer inquiries as required
    10. Must ensure compliance with company policy on periodical medical check-ups.
    11. Keep track of availability and validity of required certificates, permits and other documents related to job duties.
    12. Any other delegated responsibilities as instructed by direct or functional manager within the timeframe specified in a safe and efficient manner to meet business requirements and employee is sufficiently competent to perform them



    1. Tertiary education in engineering or vocational.
    2. For Mechanical: ability to read technical manuals and perform maintenace as required
    3. Understanding of both English and Metric systems for measuring equipment specifications