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Location: SAFAT, Kuwait
Job Family: Field operations
Updated At: 2019-05-19

This job posting is no longer active



The program is for 3 weeks internship training from 14 April 2019 to 02 May 2019.

• Two weeks of the training will theoretical and practical. It will be conducted in Weatherford Drilling Service Product.

• The third week will be an introduction to the other Weatherford Product lines that related to the Directional Drilling Engineering:

o Tubular Running System (TRS)

o Fishing

o Wireline


The program objectives are to train and develop engineers to be qualified to pursue their career in the following:

• Directional Drilling

• Intermediate/advance Drilling Engineering

Preparation for Work Assignments

Ensure a minimum level of skills prior to participating in the Training assignment in the following:

• Oil & Gas industry

• General Math and physics

• General aspects of oil field drilling practices & Technologies

Work Assignments

Skills developed through this program would include:

• Use of procedures & Algorithm

• Problem solving strategies

• Intermediate/advance Drilling Engineering

• Directional Drilling Techniques & Technologies

The program:

• One week ( 14 – 18 April 2019): Classroom introduction of all aspects of the directional Drilling engineering practices.

1. Directional Drilling (part-1) Introduction to Directional Drilling

• Directional Wells

• Well Bore Geometry

• Directional Drilling Basics

• Directional Control with Rotary Assemblies

Directional Drilling Course Outline Page 4

• Directional Control with Steerable Assemblies

o Motors Steerable Assemblies

o Rotary Steerable Assemblies

2. Directional Drilling (part-2)

• Drilling Motors

• Rotary Steerable System

• Under Balance Drilling Over View

• Directional Surveying

o Objectives for Surveying

o Directional Sensor Applications

o What is Survey Data?

o Directional Surveying Devices

o Gyro Application

o Objectives for Surveying

o Directional Sensor Applications

o Directional Surveying Devices

o Gyro Application

3. Directional Drilling (part-3)

• Directional Surveying Calculation Methods

• Anti-Collision

• Horizontal Well Planning

4. Torque Drag

5. 5 Drilling Fluids

6. 6 Hydraulics

7. 7 BHA and BHA Design

8. 8 Drill String Design

• One week ( 21 – 26 April 2019): Workshop hands on equipment

o Mud Motors

o Rotary Steerable System

o MWD Tools

o LWD Tools

• One week ( 28 April – 2 May 2019): Introducing Weatherford Product Lines


Internship position