SENIOR RESERVOIR ENGINEER/ Главный специалист по гидродинамическому моделированию

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Job Family: Geoscience
Updated At: 2019-05-13

This job posting is no longer active


Developed/Brown Fields

  • Analysis and interpretation of the geological and geophysical data (seismic, drilling, logging, coring, PVT etc.)
  • Generation of the geological static model
  • Estimation of the resources according to the Russian and international classification systems
  • Developing the recommendations for further exploration activities
  • Along with project reservoir engineer conduct analysis of the production data to be potentially used for auditing the reserves (production logging data, data of mud logging during drilling, well test data, etc.)


Potential Discoveries, Green Fields, New formations

  • Creation of conceptual sedimentation models
  • Organizing analysis of the source rock data, estimation of their oil-generation potential and primary ways of hydrocarbon migration, as well as the hydrocarbon phase composition to assess probability of the trap filling
  • Analysis of the tectonic structure of the fields/areas and evaluation of the factors for pool formation and retention
  • Mapping the resources distribution
  • Defining the probability of hydrocarbon pool discovery
  • Estimation of the potential resources of the promising traps
  • Evaluation of the geological uncertainties and risks 
  • Developing exploration Programs



  • Integration of the data and preparation of the final reports on the geology of the asset, resources and reserves estimation and identification of the geological risks
  • Presentations to internal Management and Clients




  • Knowledge of the sedimentology, regional geology and characteristics of the geological structure of the petroleum basins
  • Knowledge of interpretation of the 2D and 3D seismic data
  • Knowledge of the theoretical fundamentals and practical experience in geological modeling
  • Knowledge of the logging data interpretation
  • Understanding theoretical fundamentals and possessing practical experience in descriptions and laboratory tests of the core and formation fluids (PVT)
  • Ability to interpret well test results and estimate the development indicators is an advantage
  • Experience of petroleum resources and reserves estimation according to the Russian and international classifications (PRMS)
  • Ability to estimate geological risk and probability of HC discovery.
  • Experience and wiliness to mentor less experienced members of the team is an advantage
  • Good communication skills is essential
  • Creative thinking, non-standard solution of problems
  • Ability to solve technical problems with limited data
  • Ability to work under pressure and deliver results within short time is a great advantage