Engineer I TRS/ Инженер по бурению 3 категории

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Job Family: Field operations
Updated At: 2019-05-24

This job posting is no longer active




 QHSSE Commitment

4.1.1 Demonstrate a personal commitment to Quality, Heath, Safety and Environment.



4.1.2 Apply Weatherford, and where appropriate Client Company’s, Health, Safety & Environment Policy and Management Systems.


4.1.3 The Employee is responsible for both their own safety and for safety of others.

4.2 Vision and Leadership

Client and Communications

4.2.1 Timely informing of superior management and HSE engineer of the necessity to supply equipment, tools, devices and accessories required for safe job execution; safety regulations violation and incidents during operations or transfer to operating facilities, any requirements or wishes of Customer's representatives




4.3 Financial Performance


4.3.1 Key performance indicators of Engineer I TRS activities are:

4.3.2 Compliance with Weatherford and Customer's requirements in job execution.

4.3.3 Full satisfaction of Customer's demands at services rendering under contract.


4.3.4 Absence of nonconformances, incidents and accidents at work performance.

4.3.5 Proper maintenance and submission of reporting and other documentation within specified time limits and at manager's request.


4.4 Operational Capability

4.4.1 Perform maintenance, operating, repair and storage of service equipment used for full range of services associated with tubular running including torque-turns monitoring computer systems and mechanization systems.


4.4.2 Perform tubular running/pulling operations while drilling, well completion and workover in compliance with requirements of industrial safety, fire safety and industrial sanitation and health.

4.4.3 Maintain equipment and tools in compliance with instructions, ensure its functionality before beginning of operation. Any malfuncation of equipment must be rectified prior to operational use.

4.4.4 Keep track of operations, certification, testing and maintenance schedule of entrusted equipment, tools, lifting devices, slings, stock, safety railings, etc.



4.4.5 Maintain proper documentation and reporting in established controlled formats on performed work associated with job duties with obligatory reflection of complete information on tubular running/pulling operations, equipment maintenance and logistics. Keep records in appropriate logs at workshop and rig site conditions including tracking of spare parts used and supplied.


4.4.6 Use of operations equipment, tools and devices only in accordance with their intended purpose, subject to necessary certification available conducting installation (deinstallation) at Customer's facilities and Weatherford operations bases and in accordance with instructions and safety regulations.



4.4.7 Treat equipment and tools with due care, maintain it in safe, operating and clean condition, do not leave operating equipment unattended.


4.4.8 Know phone numbers of management, HSE engineer, contacts for emergencies.

4.4.9 Comply with and follow HSE engineer's instructions.

4.4.10 Ensure compliance with company policy on periodical medical check-ups.

4.4.11 Keep track of availability and validity of required certificates, permits and other documents related to job duties.


4.4.12 Perform duties of slinger 2 or 3 class, automobile fork lift operator and driver, inspector MPI, operator ComCam  on temporary basis (in absence of basic workers) subject to availability of appropriate permits to work, certificates and entitlements.


4.5 Team Building and Mentoring

4.5.1 Immediately inform direct report of all problems and nonconformances revealed in operational process, in the case of  health  or hazardous situations  immediately take necessary measures to eliminate it up to & including the termination of works and abandonment of facility with notice to higher management, HSE engineer.

4.5.2 Keep time sheets of the crew members and submit to manager in due time.


4.5.3 TRS Engineer I has the right to:

Familiarize oneself with draft orders, decisions of higher management related to his activities.

Make operational improvement proposals for management consideration related to job duties.

Inform direct report of all nonconformances and issues revealed during performance of job duties, put forward suggestions for solution.

Demand required support from the office administration and management in duties performance and job execution.



4.6 Material Responsibility

4.6.1 Infliction of financial harm or physical damage – within the limits defined by Labour, Criminal and Civil legislation of Russian Federation.

4.6.2 Company reserves the right to pay field bonus for operations performed at Customer's facilities in case of conscientiously and timly execution of duties listed in this job description or manager's orderes.


4.7 Any other delegated responsibilities as instructed by  direct or functional manager within the timeframe specified in a safe and efficient manner to meet business requirements