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Job Family: Field operations
Updated At: 2019-05-20

This job posting is no longer active


Maintain and comply with the quality standards and procedures in accordance with the system of quality assurance and standards adopted in the company, "Weatherford" including:

1)         Ensure equipment is maintained as per the equipment manual and are functioning prior to start of jobs.

2)         Raise corrective actions for all non-compliance.

3)         Ensure all maintenance and movements of the equipment are documented and reported/kept properly.

4)         Prepare  reports of testing  jobs performed or activities.

5) Coordinate and participate in complex and hazardous emergency/complications follow up operations.

6) Control technical condition of rigs, equipment and fishing tools.

7) Take part in planning of rig activities and development of emergency/complications follow up procedures and instructions.

8) Examine and analyze the causes of accidents and complications.

9) Provide the crew with operational fishing tools and other equipment.

10) Participate in liquidating of oil and gas showings and open flowings.

11) Design non-standard fishing tools and appliances.

12) Timely communicate to the crew operational plans, distribute work between shifts based on the Plan, keep records on works completed and norm hours worked by each shift.

13) Take part in a commission that audit readiness of well, mechanisms and equipment for operations.

14) Submit timely requests for equipment, ensure sufficient use of equipment, make records on work of equipment.

15) Manage hazardous works on the basis of plans worked out be-forehand, drafts on organization of labor, work orders.