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Location: SAFAT, Kuwait
Job Family: Field operations
Updated At: 2019-05-19

This job posting is no longer active


Basic Function:

The Drilling Engineer shall supervise the Rig Operations Drilling Engineers working with rigs in his area.  The function shall ensure that the Engineering management and follow up of his allocated rigs is completed (programs, material plans, well schedules, site preparations, Improvement to well design).  The SDE shall be responsible to ensure well engineering in his area has technical integrity, is in compliance with Weatherford and, and will deliver safe, efficient, cost effective operations and a quality well.


Duties, Responsibilities & Accountabilities:

Adhere to Safety procedure and policies in accordance with safety management system, Including:

  1. Active participation and contribution to specific safety initiatives in meetings.
  2. Report all hazardous and unsafe acts.
  3. Actively promote positive safety culture.


Adhere to quality procedure and policies in accordance with the ISO9002 (where applicable) quality assurance system, Including:

  1. Compliance to work instructions.
  2. Raising corrective actions for all non-conformances.
  3. Identifying areas requiring improvement and / or audit.


Adhere to main job responsibilities:


  1. Ensure well programs for operations on his allocated rigs are in compliance with Weatherford and Sonatrach Policies and Standards.
  2. Ensure that programs adequately highlight risks, and include suitable mitigation.
  3. Ensure necessary exemptions are obtained as far in advance as possible to leave adequate time for project review.
  4. Ensure timely closure of Operating Failure reports for unscheduled events that occur on wells in his area.  Ensure corrective action is completed on time.  Ensure Lessons Learnt register is complete and of high quality.
  5. Complete tasks as per Master Remedial Work Plan.
  6. Ensure that the well program and all risk mitigations will deliver a quality well.
  7. On his rig visits he must conduct a behavioral safety audit with rig personnel.



  1. Will organize and conduct Drill Well on Paper workshops (DWOP) on rig site also will be responsible for holding Pre-Spud meeting (PSM) and After Action Review meeting (AAR) with all rig crews and service providers involved.  He will ensure that Rig Move on Paper meeting (RMOP) is held with all parties involved with the rig move.
  2. Ensure well programs for wells in his area have technical integrity, and are prepared in compliance with Weatherford and Sonatrach Policies and Standards.
  3. Ensure Lessons Learnt are included in all programs.
  4. Ensures that DWOP sheets with planned and actual durations and reasons for variance are completed after each phase of the well.
  5. Challenge engineers to provide technical solutions to unscheduled events.
  6. Assist Well Site Coordinators (WSC) in the management of unscheduled events.

 Administration and training

  1. Ensure AFEs are prepared on time, and accurately, for wells on his allocated rigs.
  2. Review performance of Drilling Engineers working on his rigs with the PDM at least quarterly.
  3. Develops skill set and knowledge of Rig Operations Drilling Engineers, or Junior Drilling Engineers, working on his rigs.
  4. Maintains medium and long-term material requirement lists for the wells to be drilled by  his allocated rigs.
  5. Ensure all the End of Well Reports are completed on time. 
  6. Ensure AFE reconciliation is completed at the end of the well.  Provide cost estimation refinements to the Cost Controller.
  7. Monitor and adjudicate applicable Score Cards for services conducted on his rigs.



  1. To direct Rig Operations Drilling Engineers working on his rigs as necessary to complete the requirements specified above.
  2. To direct Junior Well Engineers working on his rigs.