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Location: POLTAVA, Ukraine
Job Family: Geoscience
Updated At: 2019-01-21


- Timely operational and studies petrophysical evaluation and interpretation of all Ukraine wells

-  All other IES activities/duties in CE&NS Geozones as indicated by the IES Manager

- Processing, Interpretation and Evaluation of OH and CH logs

-  SQ reviews and data checks on received data

- Client Interaction and coordination

- Technical papers and presentations

- Wellsite technical assistance

- Training courses and continuous drive for improvement

- Positive rapport with Ukraine clients

-  WFT’s high HSE standards – no LTI and no HSE incidents in IES operations.

- Build effective technical relationship with CE&NS clients to maintain and develop further

businesses for WFT’s various segments.

-  This is a senior level job. Responsibilities include fully integrated formation evaluation.

- Collaborate with customer petroleum engineering staff to provide integrated solutions to CE&NS clients.

- May provide direction / training to junior personnel.

-  Works with supervisor to ensure projects are completed in a timely & accurate manner. Relies on experience and judgment to plan & accomplish goals.



- Initial adjustment training required

-  Can work independently with minor supervision

- Russian and English speaker

- Skilled in integrated Open Hole and Cased Hole petrophysical evaluation

- Able to trouble shoot to provide adequate solutions to the clients in the presence of inconclusive and at times contradictory data.

- Minimum of 5 years combined experiences working in WFT and/or with an operator/competitor.

- Good knowledge of how operator operational decision making process work.

- High degree of mobility

- Social skills, able to work in teams and share its overall knowledge with the team.