PROJECT COORDINATOR TRS / Координатор проекта

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Updated At: 2019-01-22

This job posting is no longer active



The objective Project Coordinator’s role is daily management of activities in the location department at the work site.


Project Coordinator is a specialist employed and dismissed by an order of the General Director, Weatherford LLC. The candidate is approved by TRS Manager after the presentation of Location Manager.


The position of Project Coordinator can be occupied by a person who has higher vocational (technical) education with a minimum two-year work experience as a drilling engineer of the first category or TRS Supervisor

Project Coordinator reports directly to TRS Location Manager.


In his work Project Coordinator is guided by:

• the legislation of the Russian Federation

• internal rules of Weatherford

• regulations in safety

• Weatherford Policy on Health, Safety and Environment

• orders and instructions from senior management

• this job description

• rules of control over the conformity of the equipment’s technical condition to the requirements of safe operations;


During his temporary absence Project Coordinator is substituted by an employee appointed by order of TRS Location Manager.

Key performance indicators of Project Coordinator are as follows:

• quality of work

• meeting the schedule

• lack of incidents or accidents at the work sites.



Project Coordinator’s duties are to:


5.1. Manage operations in the location department he is assigned to in order to meet the Customer’s needs by stable functioning and maintenance of goodwill in accordance with the given authority and resources.


5.2. Analyze and solve organizational, technical, and social-psychological problems in order to improve service quality and to economically and efficiently use the inventory and human resources.


5.3. Manage the subordinate employees.


5.4. Ensure safe performance of work at the sites assigned to him.


5.5. In case of danger to life and health of the employees, immediately take the necessary corrective action up to stopping the work and leaving the workplace, with immediate notification of the senior managers and HSE Engineer.


5.6. Timely notify the senior managers and HSE Engineer of information regarding:

- availability of and demand for overalls and personal protective equipment (PPE);

- purchase of tools, devices and accessories necessary for safe operation;

- dates to pass the state technical inspection, maintenance, repair, extension of powers of attorney for the vehicles used for company purposes;

- need for training, competence assessment and getting certificates to perform hazardous work;

 - violations of safety requirements and incidents that occur during operations or on the way to the workplace.


5.7. Ensure keeping equipment, tools, lifting gear, slings, inventory, railing, etc. in good repair and monitor the testing dates and the availability of certification for them.


5.8. Monitor the availability of required permits, certificates and statements.


5.9. Regularly perform safety briefing of the personnel and keep relevant documentation.


5.10. Jointly with HSE Engineer participate in the preparation and review of safety instructions.


5.11. Not admit persons to work, if they:

- haven’t been recruited by order of the company;

- haven’t been instructed and don’t have permits to participate in hazardous work;

- are drunk or ill;

- haven’t undergone the periodic medical examination;

- haven’t undergone the necessary vaccinations.


5.12. Keep a record of hours worked in the department in the established form.


5.13. Know the location, phone or other means of notifying the personnel on rotation or on business trips to the bases, phones of his managers and HSE Engineer, who to address in an emergency and unforeseen circumstances.


5.14. Assist HSE Engineer in every possible way for him to perform his duties and carry out his orders.


5.15. Undergo periodic medical examinations (checks).