TRS Reliability Engineer

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Job Family: Engineering
Updated At: 2018-12-06




Assist with the development of analysis methods for job and incident reporting in the performance reporting system. Acquire Product and Services performance data and conduct analysis to identify negative trends and patterns. Prepare diagrams, charts, drawings, calculations, and reports for defining and measuring reliability metrics and identify improvement needs. Conduct an analysis of Product/Service performance issues to determine the reliability needs for the particular situation based on the business needs. Assist with gathering forensic evidence and ensure any evidence that could be destroyed is preserved during failure investigations of tools and components. Work closely with the TRS team to generate incident and failure reports within Weatherford and the client’s timeframes. Participate in regularly scheduled Incident/Corrective Action Boards and provide support with data trends for both internal and external customers.


A key accountability of you as an employee is to meet the targets set for you in Employee Participation and demonstrate your commitment to safety, quality and continuous improvement.


C. DIMENSIONS: Number of Employees Supervised:


Total Revenues:


Budgetary Responsibility:







Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Core Values (Position 1 Operations Manager, Business Unit Manager, Financial Controller:

1. Co-ordinate and comply with HSE procedures and policies in accordance with the AS 4801 Safety Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, including:

1.1 Regular attendance and participation in safety and tool box meetings

1.2 Regular HSE inspections.

1.3 Ensure third party compliance to Weatherford HSE Procedures whilst on Weatherford premises.

1.4 Actively promote positive HSE culture.

1.5 Lead by example.

2. Co-ordinate and comply with quality procedures and policies in accordance with the ISO 9001 and API Q2 Quality Assurance System, including:

2.1 Building rewarding customer relationships (internal and external) by understanding, responding to and satisfying customer requirements.

2.2 Actively participating in Continual Improvement by identifying, analysing and implementing cost effective innovative solutions to the benefit of the business.

2.3 Ensuring equipment and personnel are fit for purpose.


2.4 Active involvement in the raising of Corrective and Preventative Action Reports (CPAR) across the Organisation.

2.5 Responsible for investigation and implementation of Corrective Actions for all CPAR’s that directly relate to area of responsibility.

2.6 Regular review of relevant Work/Service Instructions and update when necessary.








3.1.1 Accountable to use the company Performance Management system to set objectives and rate individual performance of team members. This task can not be delegated;

3.1.2 Accountable for achieving results through people; and

3.1.3 Leading and driving the development of team and individual capability.

3.1.4 Work in concert with the Talent Acquisition team and Business Units during the personnel hiring process


3.2.1 Responsible for planning, prioritising and scheduling tasks;

3.2.2 Reducing unnecessary work and promoting and executing efficiency;



3.4 Gather and examine basic reliability data from the workshop and rig site incidents and correlate the data for analysis using well defined statistical analysis and engineering techniques to prevent, or detect the onset of future failures

3.5 Generate key service performance indicators (e.g. Non Productive Time Rate, job efficiency and tool failure rates).

3.6 Apply knowledge of statistical data analysis and evaluation techniques to identify trends and patterns within job and incident performance data and initiate improvement strategies.

3.7 Consult with internal customer focal points to evaluate and execute front end detailed job design and execution of operation.

3.8 Assist with gathering relevant forensic data during Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) for component and tool investigations.

3.9 Lead and facilitate Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) incident investigations for major safety and reliability loss events.

3.10 Present findings and recommendations resulting from RCFA to the TRS Team for action.

3.11 Assist in generating draft and final reports to the client

3.12 Initiates elemental engineering studies into equipment and process failures and present details of the analysis to the TRS Team

3.13 Participate and provide input on potential failure modes and planned actions during Pre-job & Contingency Planning

3.14 Create basic qualitative and quantitative performance risks analysis tools (HAZOP matrices) under supervision

3.15 Life Cycle Asset Management

3.16 Review and monitor tool maintenance clocks and provide results to senior reliability professionals and R&D engineers for review and approval

3.17 Know and understand Weatherford Quality Policy and comply with all requirements of the Quality Systems Manual, Operating and Technical Procedures and Workplace Instructions.

3.18 Comply with all safety rules and company policies of Weatherford.

3.19 Generate periodic lessons learned/reliability report to assist in identifying training needs of employees

3.20 Participate in regular Service Quality reviews and follow-up to improve client perception of our service quality.

3.21 Guide product line in use of performance tracking system and promote reliability improvements

3.22 Perform various other duties and activities as assigned by supervisor within the physical constraints of the job.



The Weatherford core behaviours underpin our vision of "One Weatherford" and represent a consistent approach to how we conduct our business and the values we embrace. Your role as a member of the Australasian management team is to demonstrate these values and recognise and develop them in your team members