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Updated At: 2018-11-27

This job posting is no longer active



Client & Communication

  • Collaborates with the product line management to communicate, maintain, and implement Quality Management System (QMS), Operational Procedures Management Systems (OPMS) and Enterprise Excellence Program (EEP)
  • Engage with sales teams to anticipate inventory requirements and drive supply orders to fulfil demand
  • Provide timely and appropriate information and support to relevant internal customers
  • Liaises with Product/Service Lines to continually improve Weatherford enterprise Document Management solutions for ease of use, accessibility and compliance to OEPS to ensure the business is meeting and/or exceeding customer expectations

Vision & Leadership

  • Collaborate with leadership to promote the continual quality improvement strategy of the company to meet strategic business objectives and profitability
  • Set and monitor targets for Key Performance Indicators and define safety and service quality improvement action plans geared to enhance safety, quality & efficiency both at the region, well site and field locations
  • Develop short and long range plans with the country/area leadership to promote and meet the service delivery requirements for the client


  • Track and report the price of non-conformance for all Non Productive Time
  • Advise the Country Product Line Manager on historical values of non producutive time costs to incorporate into budgets and forecasts

Safety & Compliance

  • Drive continuous quality improvement systems across all areas. Fostering an environment where innovation, entrepreneurship and courage are valued and encouraged
  • Insight into overall customer service delivery projects and review with internal stakeholders and client to ensure seamless delivery of services
  • Coordinate movement of equipment and people within the country/area and also be the point of contact when equipment and people are needed from/by other locations
  • Work closely with key stakeholders across the organisation to provide reporting and analysis that will facilitate business improvement and operational efficiency


  • Ensure compliance with WPTS for all jobs performed and incident investigation   Manage Root Cause Analysis and communicate all finding to region product line management for communication regionally or globally as required.  Coordinate with local management to implement corrective actions
  • Support operations on technical troubleshooting related with hardware/software/procedural management of change.  Support Hazid/Hazop, procedural review and customer training meetings
  • Quality assurance responsibility to ensure contracted services are delivered and meeting customer’s expectations as it relates to Service Quality and Performance.  Daily/Weekly review of customer incidents and trending of overall service and performance
  • Provide a critical support role in tracking the execution of business plans

Team Building & Mentoring

  • Promote teamwork through open communication to ensure correct procedures, policies and documentation requirements are implemented and followed
  • Participate in the development and delivery of training courses to personnel