FLUID PUMP OPERATOR CT Моторист цементировочного агрегата

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Job Family: Field operations
Updated At: 2018-11-19

This job posting is no longer active



To prepare the vehicle for work at site;
To assemble, disassemble, hooking up and pressure test of high and low pressure lines;
To take part in cleanout, chemical treatment of the well, well killing;
To take part in pressure test of surface equipment, wellhead stack, manifolds;
To ensure stable work of vehicle’s engines;
To operate and fill up the vehicle;
To keep working place in order;
To maintain and do routine repair of the base vehicle and top equipment;
To handle tools and equipment with care;
To hand over the unit in good technical condition;
To do other jobs for operations needs and which are not stipulated in the present JD;


Able to operate CA320