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Job Family: Field operations
Updated At: 2018-12-14

This job posting is no longer active


  • He subordinates directly to the head of activity and executes strictly the orders received from him.
  • Provide operational support for the smooth running of specific activities in line with the ALS and customer policy policies, procedures and standards in place.
  • He has the obligation to know how the equipment works and how it works within COORD and ensures the implementation of the equipment related to the specific ALS operations in accordance with the established program and the standards in force within the company.
  • It effectively participates in the assembly and dismantling of the equipment of the installation and advises the reception of the good fitting of the equipment’s, tools, according to their operating samples, and concludes its conclusions in the workbooks.
  • Plan together with the COROD activity chief the specific operations and participate in running the program at the probe together with the team that serves the beneficiary.
  • Prepares and / or updates the weekly logistics / material / services plan within the ALS department on its operating area and includes everything needed to carry out the scheduled operations.
  • He takes care of asking the boss to supply the fuels and lubricants directly over time and controls the costs during the operation.
  • It has the obligation to maintain, ensure and properly check the tools required for COORD.
  • Ensures the safety of the COROD equipment during travel to and from the probe.
  • Generates activity reports to the boss; records information in the daily activity report.
  • Ensures welding of all sizes and COORD materials.
  • Provides instrumentation that can intervene during surgery.


- Professional Technical Schooling

- At least 5 Years working in wellsite

- Well control, Fishing tool assembly & use, sucker rod handling & connections excellent problem solver; able to priorities work efficiently across a wide range of responsibilities, ability to work under stress conditions and deadlines, needs to be a team player while being able to work

- Romanian, english would be ideal but not required

- Oil & Gas School Diploma / Certificate

-  Microsoft office, valid driver licence - B grade, basic communication skills