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Job Family: Engineering
Updated At: 2018-12-03

This job posting is no longer active


  • Must understand and comply with all safety rules and company policies of Weatherford.
  • Design and facilitate manufacturing of product.
  • Interface with Sales and customers on research and development.
  • Develop new products effectively with safety and performance in mind.
  • Provide engineering service to other departments.
  • Investigate alternate methods of manufacturing material requirements.
  • Assist the Sales Department to prepare technical literature.
  • Plan and schedule all design work.
  • Administer Engineering and SRO operating procedures.
  • Supervise prototype testing.
  • Resolving any conflicts between manufacturing and engineering.
  • Assist the manufacturing department in designs and fixtures.
  • Assist production-planning control to maintain current “Bill of materials and production routing in the product master for each part.”
  • Investigate field problems for necessity of design changes and or field conversions.
  • Analyses of field failure.
  • Initiate and support the quality approach of design.
  • Develop and maintain design records and manufacturing drawings per procedures.
  • Work assignments carried out to the highest quality level.

Perform various other duties assigned by supervisor within the physical constraints of the job.


Bachelor’s degree in engineering or engineering technology preferred.

Basic computer usage skills.

Supervisory and leadership skills required.

Good organizational and multi-tasking skills.

Ability to work with others at various levels.

A general working knowledge of mechanical and structural engineering, pneumatics, hydraulics and standard related to the same.

Good knowledge of Cased Hole Completion product function and application with minimum 7 years experience.