Equipment Operator II

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Job Family: Field operations
Updated At: 2018-09-27

This job posting is no longer active


  • Operate all cementing equipment

  • Takes part in cement slurries preparation with accurate adjustment of slurry consistency

  • Arranges classification of cement and sending it to location for cementing job

  • Responsible for rig up and rig down, connecting discharge line with cementing unit and wellhead fittings

  • Carry on pressure test of low and high pressure lines

  • Performs preventive routine service of the service machines and units

  • Pinpoints causes of filed cementing jobs and hydraulic fracturing and takes corrective actions on eliminating them

  • Equipment reporting (Checklists, Inventory list etc.)

  • Carry out loading of equipment and chemicals and transport them to cementing site.

  • Drive company vehicles and bear responsibility for serviceability of the vehicles/equipment assigned and availability of appropriate documentation.

  • Carry out load fastening and bear responsibility for the loads transported.

  • Perform other tasks related to operations support upon the order of higher management

  • Go to business trips related to operations upon request of the management if required operationally.

  • Perform any works/tasks in accordance with the company’s procedures and standards

  • Notify immediate supervisor of any incidents and situations assessed as unsafe and/or inappropriate 

  • Takes part in pre-job Safety meetings, discussing all safety related issues

  • Assists with mentoring, training and development of juniors and responsible for professional development of Filed Operator


High School Level

Technical deplomat preferable

from 0 to 5 years experience