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Updated At: 2018-09-16

This job posting is no longer active


  • Observe‐and evaluate Operation of Equipment and Machinery
  •  Check out for malfunction items on equipment‐machinery
  •  Disassemble‐Repair‐Assemble Equipment Parts
  •  Carry out regular services and scheduled PM
  •  While serving equipment –no spills on floor‐ oil and filters properly disposed.
  •  To check and use clean filling funnels‐buckets.
  •  Sometimes it is required to attend break downs on various locations. Like tire punctures
  • on road side or rig location or other unforeseen repairs have to be done.
  •  As well to go out to Locations at any times when required
  •  Must document all work and repairs –workshop orders to be filled.
  •  While working in the workshop‐right PPE must be worn.
  •  Must keep work area clean and safe‐ good housekeeping is required‐example no oil onthe floor ect.
  •  To make sure hand tools are in work and safe condition. Like chisels –Hammers &Handle
  •  To use always the right Tools required performing the job.
  •  While working on equipment to make sure proper safety precaution are done
  •  Wheel chocks used‐safety stands been in place while lifting axle up ect.
  •  To use the Lock out –Tag out system
  •  To apply to all WFD safety rules and standards.




Complete High School

Pteferably Bac+ / Technical deplomat


Minimum 5 years experiences in any oil field heavy equipment

 Have some computer skills

 Have high school graduate with some English