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Location: Kazakhstan
Updated At: 2018-09-27

This job posting is no longer active



  1. Carry out the company's resolutions, orders, instructions and other local regulatory acts, as well as the orders and instructions issued by State Inspectorate and other supervisory authorities, and the resolutions issued by the company's Health, Safety and Environment committee.



  1. Ensure that all spares / consumables contained within the stores area / container are stored in a logical and identifiable manner, and all documentation / certification is completed promptly and accurately in line with the best practices of the company;



  1. Responsible for maintaining a safe and tidy store, and to carry out housekeeping / safety activities as directed;


  1. Control general chemical storage ensuring conformity to COSSH and that all documentation is controlled.



  1. Ensure that all weekly Cycle count performed and reporting is submitted in a timely manner;


  1. Organize carrying out of loading & unloading works in a warehouse when required;
  2. Physical check of all received goods with PL representative;


  1. All orders receipts in the system ensuring correct documentation is processed in the system and locating Stock into appropriate Warehouse/Bin location with updating the system, as well as proper allocation of ownership (purchased /rented tools), Serial numbers, JDE numbers in the system notifying Assets & Inventory Coordinator if Assets reclassification is required;



  1. To complete accurately and on time all relevant documentation e.g. properly approved goods received notes and to ensure these are passed on to Finance;


  1. In case of any discrepancy, timely communicate to Logistics and complete required forms. Proper control of quarantined goods until discrepancy is not solved;



  1. To co-ordinate all issues of orders and stock from Stores ensuring correct documentation is received from Operations and processed in the system – WO, IUF, Transfer Order Pick Ticket, Delivery Ticket.



  1. Properly filing of all Stock Issue Documents making sure that they have signed and stamped;


  1. To assist in Annual Counts.
  2. Ensure that production facilities and equipment is operated in strict compliance with approved production procedures, operating modes and rules.


  1. Provide technically correct operation of equipment and other fixed assets under responsibility of the department.
  2. Take measures to prevent conditions facilitating theft and destruction of equipment and other assets of the department, ensure that decommissioned field equipment is timely dismantled and stacked to the protected areas (facilities).         



  1. implement measures aimed at optimizing costs


  1. Monitor the accounting for the movement of equipment and inventory in accordance with the requirements of the Kazakhstan laws and the Company's Policies.


  1.  Carry out other instructions of the executive, which are directly or indirectly related to main activities and operations of the department.


  1. Ensure recording and executing the primary documentation for the costs of material assets, registration (posting) and writing-off of inventory and equipment