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Job Family: Field operations
Updated At: 2018-03-20

This job posting is no longer active


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  • A minimum of a Bachelors Degree in Geology (BSc.), Petroleum Geology or Petroleum Engineering from a recognized University.
  • Have completed the following internal training:

14 Day Basic Oilfield Familiarization Course

5 Day Basic Hardware Maintenance Course.

3 Day Advanced Formation Evaluation Course.

5 Day Formation Pressure Evaluation Course



 The primary responsibility for a Data Engineer is to carry out monitoring tasks in a safe, timely and accurate manner in order to assist in the efficient completion of exploration and development wells for oil and gas.

Data Engineers help ensure efficiency and cost control by providing the Client with detailed interpretations and analysis’ of geology, oil and gas shows, drilling parameters, pressure parameters, hydraulics and well costs during drilling of a well.

The Data Engineer constructs detailed Daily and Final Reports based on the data gathered during drilling and completing. This position may be used for the provision of specialized Formation Pore Pressure Evaluation Services.


  • Supervise the Mud-Logging and Sample Catching crew.
  • Maintain personal knowledge of current techniques for the interpretation of well data.
  • Design and produce computer generated Logs as specified and requested by the Client in the scope of work.
  • Use industry and Client provided gas interpretation methods to evaluate quality of reservoirs and source rocks.
  • Examine and describe samples as per oil industry standards and client’s specifications for specific indications related to drilling efficiency and pore pressure evaluation.
  • Understand and use “quick-look” analysis of electric (wire-line) and MWD logs as requested by the Client.