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Location: ERBIL, Iraq
Job Family: Field operations
Updated At: 2018-07-17

This job posting is no longer active


Job Scope:

The Electrical technician will exhibit exemplary safety and technical competence in all matters pertaining to electrical maintenance and repairs works on and around the facilities. He is responsible for ensuring that he maintains competence to carry out allotted tasks. It is expected that procedures will be followed at all times and that Management Systems and local regulatory compliance are met in all aspects of work.

Production facility equipment covered includes oil and gas production systems, wells with ESP, oil stabilization, gas sweetening and dehydration, produced water injection, power generation, fire and gas detection systems, ESD systems, Export pipeline, metering and utilities systems.


The Electrical Technician is authorized to maintain and repair electrical assets and systems under supervision and guidance of the Electrical & Instrument Supervisor.


Duties, Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

  1. Maintain and adjust the condition of electrical assets: Electrical Systems, Equipment, UPS Batteries, Generators Switchboards, Motors, Wiring, Portable Electrical tools
  • Comply with relevant authorisation procedures, safe working practices and specific instructions
  • Complete maintenance in an agreed timescale, using safe and appropriate methods and agreed procedures
  • Ensure resources and spares are planned for and used cost effectively
  • Ensure the correct, current operating requirements are available for reference
  • Ensure any assets which have been maintained or had parameters adjusted still comply with specified operating requirements with minimum disruption and with the specified methods, tools and materials
  • Monitor and record any maintenance or adjustments accurately in work history in MMS.


  1. Monitor And Assess The Performance and Condition of Electrical Assets
  • Obtain information or parameters from reliable sources. (Inspection ports, connections, vendor documentary information, instrument readings, diagnostic equipment.) using approved methods
  • Use monitoring equipment or procedures correctly to assess the condition of electrical assets
  • Ensure monitoring and checks are carried out in line with specified MMS timescales and schedules.
  • Record and communicate monitored outcomes accurately and in timely fashion to raise the effectiveness of MMS
  • Compare current performance with previous assessments and take action where differences must be addressed


  1. Diagnose Faults in Electrical Assets
  • Respond promptly to problems in line with approved procedures
  • Select appropriate tests and diagnostic procedures and apply them methodically.
  • Determine the cause, nature and extent of problems in the performance and condition of electrical systems or assets
  • Use the results of inspections to determine the appropriate actions to take
  • ·         Record an accurate and full description in the appropriate document history


  1. Maintain Pollution Control Measures
  • Unplanned discharges to the environment are identified, halted where possible, and reported according to policy, procedure and regulation. Relevant PPE is used to deal with unplanned discharges using company procedures
  • Equipment, waste or other materials for disposal are dealt with according to the correct procedure
  • Environmental protection and pollution control are enforced effectively with colleagues, subordinates and subcontractors


  1. Contribute to The Health and Safety of the Working Environment
  • Work area within your own responsibility is kept clean and free of hazards
  •  Positive action is taken to stop hazards and unsafe behaviors
  •  Alarms are raised as appropriate and/or acted upon using applied policies and procedures or initiative
  •  Colleagues and subcontractors are alerted ASAP of any hazards or potentially dangerous changing conditions
  • All potential and actual incidents are reported to the relevant supervisor

6.     Emergency Response (See Station Bill)

  • Carry Out Emergency Response Role

Demonstrate competence during Emergency Response Drills and training exercises

Required Skills

  • Proven experience and/or qualified to N/SVQ/HNC/HND in electrical technician or local technical school equivalent

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience preferred

  • Good knowledge of PTW, Electrical Isolation Standards, Risk Assessment and Man Management, Power Management System, Generation on LV

  • COMP ex E’x’ Course

  • ·         Preferred courses: HV/LV Protection and HVLV Switching

  • Once recruited the Technician will be authorised by the (Field Electrical Authority) FEA to the appropriate level

  • Knowledge of all aspects of safety management

  • Good English language communication skills, spoken & written

  • Experience of working in a high H2S oil & gas facility is desirable

  • Experience of working in a project environment

  • Experience working with and training subordinate staff

  • Medically fit.

  • Personal: Safety aware. Conscientious, flexible, versatile and determined. Positive attitude

  • Leadership: Able to assist with operation of Electrical Power Generation and distribution systems

  • Good levels of written and spoken communication. Positive and assertive

  • Technical: High standard of analytical, diagnostic, technical and professional knowledge, on electrical systems, components and procedures
  • IT: Use standard MS ‘Office’ package electronic mail system and diagnostic software and equipment as required


Required Education

  • Proven experience and/or qualified to N/SVQ/HNC/HND in electrical technician or local technical school equivalent


License / Certification / Accreditation

·         As defined by Project Requirement