Senior Technician - Tubular Running Services

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Location: DOHA, Qatar
Job Family: Field operations
Updated At: 2018-03-06

This job posting is no longer active



To safely operate casing/tubing tongs, power units, tubular handling and cleaning equipment, JAM services and equipment, bottom hole assembly makeup, and other specialized oilfield equipment used in tubular makeup and testing services.  Work is performed in an onshore or offshore environment.


  1. To safely and satisfactorily perform any given casing/tubing tong assignment.
  2. Understand the operation and routine maintenance requirements of all tubular handling and cleaning equipment.
  3. Have a general knowledge of the Company’s products and services.
  4. Understand routine and specific maintenance procedures as they relate to power tongs and power units.
  5. Preparation of accurate delivery tickets, job reports, time-sheets and other similar administrative forms.
  6. Must be able to prepare and dispatch equipment according to check-list procedures.
  7. Must be able to independently operate and troubleshoot all tubular handling and cleaning equipment.
  8. Must have a sound knowledge and understanding of MCA products and services.
  9. Assist maintenance supervisor with special maintenance assignments and perform pipe yard duties as necessary.
  10. Must have an extensive knowledge of the Company’s products and services.
  11. Act as trainer for Service Technicians I and II.
  12. An extensive operational and maintenance knowledge of all Company equipment including but not limited to Hydro test, compressors, pipe cleaning machine, etc. is essential.
  1. Able to operate pipe yard equipment such as cleaning and bucking machines.
    Report any accident, incident or near miss incidents in accordance with the company’s Safety Program Manual
  1. Perform other assignments as directed by supervisory personnel.
  2. In the even that you are required to perform your duties as a crew leader.


  • Ability to think creatively, analyse situations and identify new solutions/ work practices
  • Possess the ability to manage change and seek continuous improvement.


  • Computer skills – Word/Excel/Outlook.
  • Ability to maintain the highly confidential nature of human resources work.
  • Tact, above average communication skills, ability to work effectively with both employees and managers.
  • Ability to convey a positive and professional image to applicants and employees.
  • Must be conscientious and detail oriented.
  • Ability to organize and prioritize work.
  • Computer literate.
  • Good analytical skills.
  • 7-10 years’ experience.