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Job Family: Sales
Updated At: 2018-01-22


 Main duties:

- Participates at the well sites  meetings;
- Participates in daily sessions with reference to the jobs  schedule and ongoing jobs
running / training;
- Prepares technical and economic proposals for in-progress / ongoings wells ;
- Follows the operations carried out at the wells site  (to be performed without non-productive time (NPT);
- Provides solutions for any technical problem that may arise during jobs;
- Ensure that LH equipment is delivered on time;
- Provides accommodation and transport services for engineers who provide the jobs;
- Initiates and sends financial forecasts and estimations  to the head of department.

Main Responsibilities:

- Ensures that the equipment used during the LH operations is the right one;
- Ensures that all documents used in the field are accurately completed;
- Ensure that technical and economic proposals are transmitted on time to the clients;
- Issues work permits for foreign engineers participating in LH jobs.