Job Family: Skilled trade
Updated At: 2018-02-11

This job posting is no longer active



To fabricate / weld Well screen/ESS products to the tolerances and high standards expected for the products. To ensure that the products are manufactured in accordance with our working procedures and within the required time frame and quality standards.



  •          Make sure that all the relevant information and paperwork associated with the work order is available prior to starting.
  •          Check the material issued matches the requirements of the drawings and work order information sheets.
  •          Check the Weld Performace Specification (WPS) against the drawings and or weld logs.
  •          Check all welding consumables issued are correct against the WPS applicable for the job.
  •          Obtains specified electrode and inserts electrode into portable holder or threads consumable electrode wire through portable welding gun
  •          Connects cables from welding unit to obtain amperage, voltage, slope and pulse, as specified by welding procedures.
  •          Starts power supply to produce electric current.
  •          Positions and clamps workpiece together or assembles them in jig or fixture.
  •          Strikes (forms) arc which generates heat to melt and deposit metal from electrode to workpiece and join edges of workpiece.
  •          Manually guides electrode or gun along weld line, maintaining length of arc and speed of movement to form specified depth of fusion and bead, as judged from colour of metal, sound of weld and size of molten puddle.  Welds in flat or horizontal positions.
  •          Examines weld for bead size and other specifications
  •          Cleans or degreases weld joint or workpiece..
  •          Repairs broken or cracked parts and welds holes.  Prepares broken parts for welding by grooving or scarifying surfaces.  Cleans off excess weld, slag and spatter.  Tacks assembles together
  •          Record and complete paperwork associated with workpacks.
  •          Demonstrate a high standard of safety awareness and housekeeping.
  •          Carry out any other miscellaneous task that you are suitably trained for
  •          Preheats workpiece with handtorch
  •          Any other delegated responsibilities as instructed by Line Management within the timeframe specified in a safe and efficient manner to meet business requirements, provided the instruction is reasonable and you are capable and deemed competent to fulfil these.



  •          Demonstrate a personal commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment.
  •          Apply Weatherford, and where appropriate Client Company’s, Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Policy and Management Systems.
  •          Act in accordance with the Roles and Responsibilities as designated in Document 2-2-EW-GB-EDI-00001
  •          Others