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Updated At: 2017-11-27

This job posting is no longer active


Duties, Responsibilities & Accountabilities:

  • Perform all required tasks in a safe and professional manner, respecting all Weatherford QHSE policies & practices and ensuring a culture of safe working practices is emanated in the workplace. House keeping in particular of the work shop area including storage of shop tools used during the work day.
  • Assist in creating & maintaining accurate working instructions for all thru tubing products.
  • Check equipment in when it comes in from locations / satellite countries, noting serial/asset numbers, unloading equipment from shipping basket/container. Ensure 3rd party rental equipment is identified and promptly returned. Use of data logger for JDE where applicable. Reporting correctly  this  information  to  Thru  tubing Workshop  Supervisor   (documented TT IMS ) where  applicable in  a  timely  manner.  Including the reporting of DBR tools or component there off post 3rd party inspection services.
  • Stripping and cleaning of all thru tubing downhole equipment as per thru tubing Tech units and following the prescribed Thru Tubing IMS processes for MENA.
  • Co-ordinating through internal and 3rd party thread inspection services in accordance with requirements. Advising inspections for thru tubing tools highlighting critical wear parts on the tools where necessary as per Quality & Thru Tubing IMS system. If spare parts from inventory are used to return the tool to a ready to use condition, parts issued should be accurately recorded as per JDE to maintain 100 % accuracy in thru tubing inventory.
  • Assembling & testing of thru tubing downhole equipment, recording parameters as per thru tubing IMS system.
  • Preparing equipment load-outs, kitting out shipping baskets & workshop containers with equipment for operations. Ensuring all equipment is loaded and secured safely.
  • Perform full strip down, visual inspection, assembly and testing of thru tubing downhole motors in accordance with Weatherford Working Instructions & Technical Units for CTD, eCTD & Macdrill motors.
  • Maintaining, preparing & testing thru tubing mechanical packers & inflatable plugs/packers, in accordance Weatherford technical manuals & Weatherford working instructions.
  • Moving of equipment & parts around the workshop facility by means of a forklift truck or overhead crane, and transporting equipment via a company vehicle.
  • Work with workshop Supervisor to ensure repairs and manufacture of equipment with 3rd party vendors is completed, followed up, reporting of damages as soon as possible so proper disposal & invoicing to client can be actioned.
  • Maintain and update Weatherford working instructions for thru tubing equipment, ensuring the information detailed is both accurate and applicable.
  • Conducting & accurately recording asset & inventory counts to keep JDE tracking 100% accurate, as directed by TT management or Workshop Supervisor as assigned.
  • Check & Maintain shop tools required for record calibration certification for testing equipment for thru tubing tools.
  • TT Competency Program to be actively pursued by the employee for continual improvement, pertaining to clearly demonstrating assembly and disassembly of TT tools pertinent to the designation level.
  • Actively Learn New Data Logger Inventory Control System, practice with the assistance / mentoring of the thru tubing Workshop Supervisor.
  • Any other delegated responsibilities as instructed by Line Management within the timeframe specified in a safe and efficient manner to meet business requirements, provided the instruction is reasonable and you are capable and deemed competent to fulfil these.
  • Occasional travel to assist in other Weatherford locations.
  • Current  Valid  Driving  Licence

Required Skills:

  • Basic  Level of computer literacy
  • Basic knowledge of basic Hydraulic principles + mathematics.
  • Ability to understand 100% Technical B.O.M (Bill of Materials) Drawing for a down hole tool.
  • Fork Lift truck licence.

Required Education:

  • Good level of general education.
  • Understanding & basic TOFEL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).
  • Mechanical Technician qualification.
  • Time served Mechanical apprentice.
  • HNC/HND Mechanical Engineering or Related discipline.

Required Experience:

  • Mechanical based Work Experience with Thru Tubing Tools or similar product lines where assembly, disassembly of downhole tools was part of previous done job scope of work.
  • Downhole oilfield tools & equipment.
  • Oilfield Exposure at some level on shore or offshore, oilfield service companies.