Field Service Technician II (Wellhead) - Williston, ND

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Job Family: Field operations
Updated At: 2017-07-19

This job posting is no longer active


 JOB SCOPE:  Provide testing, repairs, and routine servicing on equipment in the shop and the field.  In addition, help generate business to increase revenues through sales of Weatherford products and services.

DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES:  (not listed in any particular order)

Operate and maintain equipment both in the shop and in the field

Provide onsite services when needed

Perform maintenance and repairs on company owned and rental equipment in the field

Assist in testing, tuning, and adjusting equipment to obtain optimum operating performance

Monitor and report drilling and work-over rig activity regarding ALS operations

Recommend measures to improve methods, performance, and quality to increase efficiency

Accurate and thorough completion of job reports in a timely basis

Assist in the shop and make deliveries when available

Required to work on 24 hour call status

Participate in all JHA, Tailgate & safety meetings related to current operations

Must have the ability to grasp and adapt to changing work environment and conditions

Must be able to perform basic problem solving and troubleshooting when needed

Continue training to expand knowledge and experience of operations and services

Work assignments carried out to the highest quality level.

Perform various other duties and activities as assigned by supervisor within the physical constraints of the job.

Skills & Knowledge


0-2+ years related Product Line experience

Broad knowledge of PL equipment, process’s and services

Strong mechanical aptitude

Self-motivator, self-starter

Must have the ability to work well around others in close quarters

Good written and verbal communication skills

Basic Computer Skills



Previous Oil Field Production experience


Minimum Qualifications: 


2 years related Product Line experience


Special Requirements:


The physical ability to immediately respond to emergency situations

Valid Driver’s License

Physical Demand Category:

Medium Work

Lifting 50 pounds maximum with frequent lifting and / or carrying of objects weighing up to 25 pounds.


Audio-Visual & licensing Demands:

Vision (Avg)

Peripheral Vision

Depth Perception          

Hearing (Avg)

Required License / Certification: Valid Driver's License


Specific Actions Required:                         

In an eight hour day, this job may include:

Standing/Walking - 4 - 6 Hrs.

Sitting -  4 - 6 Hrs.

Driving - 1 - 4 Hrs.


Work Environment:

Attribute (Condition)

Chemicals - YES

Cold - YES

Dampness - YES

Fumes/Gases - YES

Heat/Humidity - YES

Height - YES

Noise - YES

Radiation - YES


Repetitive Motions:

This job will include:

Simple Grasping

Fine Manipulation   

Pushing & Pulling   

Finger Dexterity   

Foot Movement



This job will require:

Movement - Frequent

Bending- Frequent

Squatting - Frequent

Climbing - Frequent

Twisting - Frequent

Reaching - Frequent